We share stories of overcoming addiction, trauma, mental health struggles, abuse, eating disorders and more. Our guests share how they have worked to transform their lives, grow spiritually and/or find purpose and meaning through their journey.

Tweaker vs Junkie - Jesse and Jacob from the Other Side of It

July 20, 2020
Jesse and Jacob from The Other Side of It Podcast: Two dudes talking about life, recovery, addiction, and anything else that crosses their minds. We invite all friends, fiends, and felons to join in the conversation!
In today's show, we got into the recovery journeys of Jesse and Jacob, chatted about how The Other Side of It was created and had fun, talking about our relationships, recovery and our spiritual life. We had an absolute blast with these two.
Check out the video podcast on youtube https://youtu.be/Vw19O4HWT1U