We share stories of overcoming addiction, trauma, mental health struggles, abuse, eating disorders and more. Our guests share how they have worked to transform their lives, grow spiritually and/or find purpose and meaning through their journey.

The Somebody’s Someone Project with Chelsea Brent

August 24, 2020

This is a powerful episode and proof that good will come from even the most heartbreaking situations. Chelsea Brent is on the podcast today sharing the story of growing up with a mother who struggled with addiction and needlessly lost her life due to the address she lived in. Chelsea has worked hard as an advocate to change policies that allow people on the DTES to get help, support and the respect they deserve as a human being.

Her project Somebody's Someone helps get the message to people living on the streets of Vancouver that they are loved and wanted and that they are somebody. We hope that the Seek Purpose community can get involved and support this incredible mission. If you want to get involved with this project please get in contact with Chelsea here.