We share stories of overcoming addiction, trauma, mental health struggles, abuse, eating disorders and more. Our guests share how they have worked to transform their lives, grow spiritually and/or find purpose and meaning through their journey.

Seeking Purpose After Divorce with Brittany Jade

November 17, 2020

In this episode, we chat about recovery and finding purpose with Brittany Jade. She shares her journey through addiction, how her disease progressed rapidly ending in severe withdraw and using substances she never thought she would use, losing her kids and then ultimately finding her way back into recovery.

Brittany is a single mama of 3, recovery advocate and social influencer who is making an impact for over 800,000 followers by sharing her journey. We are so honoured to have her as a guest here at Seek Purpose and are excited for our audience to get to know such an inspiring young woman.

Check out Brittany on:

TikTok www.tiktok.com/@brittanyjade___

Instagram www.instagram.com/brittanyjade___