This year for Just 4/24 we had the most incredible lineup of speakers. We have broken down our Live-A-Thon to bring you bite-sized playbacks of the most fun sober part of the year. 

Just for 24 hours stay clean and sober and share your story using the hashtag #just424.

We want to see how much fun you can pack into your 24 hours clean and sober. Post photos, videos or go live on your favorite platforms using the hashtag #just424 then join the LIVE SHOW from 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm PST on Facebook.

Anyone can participate in this event by remaining clean and sober on 4/24. Post about what you are doing for fun with your friends/family, your favorite alcohol-free beverage, what it is like waking up without a hangover, your journey of recovery, how you support a sober friend, or whatever is on your heart. 

One day at a time we can stay sober and have a ton of fun!

If you want to make sobriety your lifestyle we have a ton of incredible companies, influencers, and content creators that help make this sober life a little more fun.

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