This episode was such a blast! We started the show off with the HUGE announcement of Mike and Jens engagement! What a way to kick off our Valentine's Day episode. If you are not aware of who these two are please go and search for Recovery Mike on TikTok or on Instagram @recoveryarmyoutreach. They do live's together all the time and are such an inspiring and hilarious couple. 

Tonight we got to hear their love story and how God had their paths aligning from as early as their childhood. Mike opened up about how Jen is his rock in the work that he is doing and how he worked hard on himself after a failed marriage and had to relearn who he was prior to reconnecting with Jen. They both have hearts of service and work tirelessly to help and support others while supporting and encouraging each other.

The Recovery Army Outreach was created as a way for them to give back to communities suffering from addiction and homelessness. They provide necessities and help provide dignity and humanity to people who are on the edge of losing hope.

They also have online support meetings and inspirational social media content that you need to check out. 

Check out to learn more about how to support this organization's mission. 

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